Well-Being Ambassador Program FAQs

The ASHP Well-Being Ambassador Program (WBA) is a curriculum-based, virtual learning community that will empower local action, particularly in tribal, rural, and underserved areas, to mitigate occupational burnout and create cultures of well-being in healthcare organizations.

The program includes:

  • Complimentary access to the ASHP Well-Being and Resilience Certificate
  • Support from Implementation Coaches through monthly Zoom learning sessions
  • Connection to the WBA community
  • Resources to implement local strategies

The WBA program is available for anyone working in the pharmacy profession in any geographic setting of care, regardless of ASHP membership status.

Our 7-module program is designed for participants to increase their knowledge and skills necessary to apply strategies for enhancing well-being and resilience in their personal lives and professional practices. The curriculum addresses core principles associated with burnout in the healthcare workforce, individual resilience strategies, redesigned work system approaches, and cultures to sustain healthcare professional well-being and resilience. Upon completion of all the modules, participants should be proficient in individual well-being strategies to improve resilience for self and others as well as apply systems-based and human-centered design principles to transform organizations into cultures of well-being.

Cohort 1: Started June 2022, ends June 2023

Cohort 2: Started November 2022, ends November 2023

Cohort 3: Starts April 2023, ends April 2024

Residency cohort: Starts July 2023, ends April 2024

Yes. This work is being funded through a three-year grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Health and Public Safety Workforce Resiliency Training Program.

The program is self-paced, and each learner has 12 months to complete the certificate.

To empower yourself to create change personally and at a systematic level within your community and institution.

To engage with like-minded individuals around the nation who have the same vision for culture as you.

Yes, completion of all modules, the final exam and evaluation will result in a digital certificate and a digital badge.

No, your certificate has no expiration date.

Ambassadors must complete 7 learning modules, which will award 18 hours of CE. The 7 modules correlate to 7 virtual learning sessions hosted on Zoom. These are not required, but highly encouraged to engage with other members of your cohort and your expert well-being implementation coach.

The program is both interactive and self-directed. Participants will access the Well-Being and Resilience Certificate in addition to live and recorded sessions with our implementation coaches and our ASHP Connect WBA community.

The program itself is completely virtual, taking place through our learning management system, ASHP Connect, and live Zoom sessions. However, there may be opportunities to engage with other well-being ambassadors at future ASHP Conferences which will be communicated closer to the event.

Yes, ASHP is committed to compiling, updating, and sharing evidence-based resources to members and non-members. Please visit wellbeing.ashp.org to see the resources. Elearning.ashp.org also has free webinars which you can view. @ASHPOfficial also hosts a Wellbeing Wednesday podcast which you can access and share.

Because this program is funded from a US Government entity, this program is available for individuals residing in the United States.

Yes. As a Well-Being Ambassador participant, you also will gain access to live and recorded sessions with our implementation coaches and the ASHP Connect WBA Community.

Refunds are not available. Individuals who have already completed the certificate and sign up to be a Well-Being Ambassador will gain access to the ASHP Connect Community as well as live and recorded sessions with our implementation coaches.

Prior recording sessions can be accessed with the module materials at elearning.ashp.org. They will be posted 1-2 days after the live session.

Cohort 2: Was sent via email on Nov 2, 2022

Cohort 3: The code will be available on Monday, April 3, 2023 to those that sign up

Use the code provided in your introductory email to access the materials at elearning.ashp.org. You will need to create a login. You do not need to be an ASHP member to access this program.

No, you do not need to be an ASHP member to access this program.

Simply respond by using the words “STOP” to opt-out of text messaging reminders.

You signed up to be a well-being ambassador via our Qualtrics survey. We are contacting you to provide information about this program so you can complete enrollment.

Meet your six expert implementation coaches as they discuss their goals for the program and building the well-being ambassador community.

Participants will be notified via the email provided during registration.

The certificate modules may be completed in any order.

At this time, we do not have the capability to view videos at different speeds, but we have considered this feedback for future online learning programs.

See ASHP Accessibility Statement.

The online program will close November 30, 2023.

ASHP Connect is the messaging forum that allows you to connect with other Wellbeing Ambassadors.

HRSA requires demographic data but this will not be tied back to you or your participation in the program.

To track wellness, the Well-Being Index provides the healthcare workforce with a way to assess their well-being and evaluate multiple dimensions of distress. A short 9 question survey will be required based on your current experience with burnout. The scoring does not affect any part of this course work.

See ASHP Privacy Policy.

Please email [email protected] if you have any additional questions.